Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

Through you, I saw myself.

Exactly what I was doing, you were doing to me.

My mirror.

And I saw myself react.

I saw myself pretending, protecting.

I didn’t want to feel.

This emotion.

This vulnerability.

This fear…of you seeing this part of me.

This insecurity.

I reacted through that filter of

“I’m not good enough”

“He doesn’t think I’m good enough”

I realize there was no real reason to think this.

although, perhaps you were feeling something you weren’t sharing and I sensed it.

I can sense these things.
I know you can too…

What a gift.

Cause You see this mirror too.

You perhaps reacted too.

I can not speak for you.

I do not know…

You are my mirror.

I am grateful.

This is transformation.

Transformation is possible when we

stay authentic to our experience, know matter how scary.

When we experience the emotions.

When we release the emotion.

when we dig a little deeper behind the emotion.

there is a thought. a belief.

Until we acknowledge this thought, this belief.

We will continue to blame. To react.

It’s never about the other.

I am so grateful.


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