The Journey is in Healing Emotions

Originally I created this blog for Project Food and Farm Retreat. Project Food and Farm Retreat is healing though connecting to farming as a way of life and healthy food. This passion sprung from hearing that small, family farms are at risk of losing their livelihoods and the strong desire to learn and connect others to self-reliance. Two years or so later, I have converted this page into what I am calling my journey to wholeness. While project food and farm retreat was an exciting adventure that I might return to in the future, what I am most drawn to right now is healing through my emotions and assisting others in there emotional and spiritual development.

Ironically, my interests in healing have seemed to have much less emphasis on food these days. Within the past year, I realize that my relationship to food has shifted, as I work on my emotional attachments to certain foods and habits that I’ve learned do not serve me. It is through emotions that transformation to relationship is possible, that is- relationship to food, sex, people, habits, and most importantly, to love.
I call this Resonating with One: the Journey to Wholeness, because negative emotions
stem from a feeling of disconnect to source, which is One. When the presence of source- God or Great Spirit, the light- is acknowledged, trust and faith are restored and healing is possible. Even so, the journey takes patience and the challenges sometimes seem insurmountable. This blog is my personal journey and process to find the presence of One in everything and everyone, no matter how difficult and challenging the circumstance, no matter how strong the negative emotion or belief…
The key is to remember that:
Life is a Series of Processes!

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