They rise and then they fall

Must I sit for hours in meditation to overcome the things that hinder me from presence? I do notice that I feel most connected, most balanced after I have spent quality time with what I call “practice” or “loving myself,” that is intentional time/space to connect with ONE. I do this through prayer, visualization, imagery, service to others, tarot reading and reflection, breathing, self-massage, dancing and yoga. Sometimes drawing, singing…

Even so, I am generally very reflective…that means, my mind is usually active.

I could probably meditate more, but we’ll see.

Emotions will arise.

And then they will fall.

I’m learning.

I trust.

I am patient.

I am love.

Jack Kornfield, Obstacles and Vicissitudes in Spiritual Practice. Spiritual Emergency


The practice of working with our emotions is to allow them to arise and to observe them with awareness, to let them be/go. Living in the present moment with concentrated attention (meditating).

Or subliminate it meaning to take that energy of difficulty and use it outwardly or inwardly.


Outward: Exercise, do something different

Inward: Do exercises for moving energy within the body

The 5 hindrances to being present according to Budhist teaching:

1. desire and wanting

2. aversion- anger and dislike, judgement and fear- (states that push away experience)

3. sleepiness dullnes and lethargy (or resistance to experience)

4. agitation and restlessness of mind

5. doubt- “it’s not possible” “I can’t”


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