Work: My relationship to making mistakes with imagery.

I help to create my experience through my thoughts, actions, and attitudes. Transforming my relationship to making mistakes and feeling “bad” through the help of imagery.

Visualization for today:

I am working and I am making mistakes. I am frustrated; I have spilled some soup on someone. Although, I at first feel bad, I realize that I made a mistake. I breathe. I realize that everyone makes mistakes. I am not perfect. Source does not expect this of me. I apologize and I feel lighter, as I clean. I can not change having made the mistake. Feeling bad does not serve me or others. Later, I make another mistake and my manager points it out to me. At first I feel scared, tense in my shoulders. I breathe. Suddenly though, I reflect back and notice all the little mistakes I have made in the day, all the things I had forgotten to do. I feel scared again and panicked. I breath into this fear, fear of losing my job. Now my fear has shifted to anger. I hold an acupressure point to let go, along with CV 17, Sea of Tranquility, to breath better (see below for reference). I ask my manager if I can take a break but he says I have to wait. I do not like how he is looking at me. I am breathing. I am feeling the fear and the anger very strongly now however. I breathe into my lower abdomen, holding my breath…5 breaths to inhale, 15 breathes I hold, and 10 breathes to exhale. I am moving around but slowly. consciously. I am only talking when I have to but I am doing my best. I acknowledge myself for breathing. It is helping. I am letting go. The energy is dispersing. I am cool. I am still holding the points whenever I find my hands free. Except now, I hold GB14, Yang White with CV17. “I am balanced. I am clear.” I say to myself. I notice myself being more present, forgetting about the mistakes and the fear and anger. Finally, I get to go on break.

More breathing. I am sitting and I am still. I feel into my body. I realize that I have not lost my job. I recognize that I have a lot to offer. I am worthy. I am strong. I have integrity. There is a reason why I am here. I can go back to work and I am present and doing much better.


CV!7 Sea of Tranquility: At the center of the sternum at the level of the heart. Gently press directly onto the sternum. This point is great for balancing emotions of anguish, grief, loneliness…it nourishes the heart and opens up the breath.

Lung 1 Letting Go: on the upper, outside portion of the chest, in the depression three finger widths below the collarbone. Good for difficult breathing, chest tension, emotional holding, grief, and letting go…

To stay present, lightly press

GB 14, Yang White, on forehead, one fingers width above the eyebrows, directly about the pupil when the eyes look forward. This is great for clear thinking and emotional balance, face and neck holding/tension.


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  1. Dearest Meg, thank you for sharing and for getting that in our 'imperfection' we ARE perfect! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, you inspire ME in so many ways. Thanks for being a sister 🙂 Love you, Teri

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