Imagery, guides, self-loving…

Today there were lo’s and highs. LOL. Actually, most of my days have some lo and some high. I don’t mind. I acknowledge that lo points are really just opportunities to look at myself. Both are gifts.

High points: Listening to my body, following my inner advisors, my guides. It will sound weird when I say this but when I’ve been doing yoga or at home practicing (looks many ways) lately, I see in the corner of my right aura this Indian man. Laugh. It sounds crazy I know…he doesn’t talk to me or anything but he watches me in approval and he guided me in my asanas. He has absolutely no judgement of me.

In a hypnotherapy session and a guided imagery class, I met two other advisors who have guided me. When I am quiet, sometimes I seek console from Calia. She is a medicine woman and she is always in her garden when I meet her. At first upon meeting her, Calia was like a mother. I remember her offering me tea in her medicine garden, saying to drink it, because it would help me to be more loving. :)Smile. Recently, I called upon her and sensed that I had grown into being more like her. She was more of a close friend, peer, and sister…

Even though I do believe there are spirits around and within us that exist, you do not have to believe in them to use imagery as a tool in healing. Like dreams, using images can be a great way of accessing the unconscious parts of ourselves, receiving information about our bodies, gaining insight as to what to do and redirecting our intention and mind to actually do them.

Exciting stuff!

Lo- time wasn’t really that bad though. Throughout the day, issues around self image came up. Not feeling pretty. Noticing blemishes here and there. I pulled the Page of Cups card, where the story of Narcisses came up. He is the guy who stared at his reflection in the pool and fell so in love with himself that he eventually “fell in” and died. I got insight from this card because it reminded me to recognize my worthiness and also that love starts with the self before it can be shared with others.

I love myself.
I love my body.
I love my heart/spirit.
I even love my blemishes!
I love my mind.

Life is a series of processes.


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