Creating boundaries from unknown and mysterious forces.

3 or 4 days ago:

Something interesting happened to me tonight in yoga class. I don’t want to be too descriptive about it but I felt a negative presence in my space. As I was trying to follow my teacher, I was at the same time, working at how I can protect myself from this negative force. I thought about boundaries.

One of the first things I did was demand that it go away. I realized immediately that this did not help as I felt no relief. The other things I did, perhaps in combination, worked quite well, however. Taking from the information in guided imagery, I thought about tools I could create in my mind to help me distance from this energy and protect myself. I imagined a white light, (still), protecting me, covering my whole body from head to toe. I did not fear this energy, instead I thought maybe it could serve a purpose for me. I held a mudra to block the negative energy. I felt in my body and I breathed. I felt the negative presence being further away.

In my practice, an answer came to me to take a cold shower when I got home. I did not take a cold shower, but I washed my feet in cold water. I read that this cleanses psychic space. I find that holding my head where the energy resides is helpful too. I can’t explain why.

It is interesting to me that often I say in prayer, “may we accept and acknowledge the dark within the light, and yet always focus on the light…” Could this be a manifestation of my prayers? I wonder. I also feel blessed that I do not fear this presence and that it does not come as a surprise to me…


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