“The only way beyond the body is through the body.”

Sri Yantra:

Sri Yantra and the human body are identical to each other. Sitting in the human body are locations where the male and female principles are in absolute union: at the base of the body, at the heart, and in the crown of the head.”

-The convergence of masculine and feminine forces in the body. When the whole body/mind relaxes out of natural relatedness making ONE.
-Connection with the heart
-4 upward moving triangles: God/Divine Masculine: Pointing toward the Cosmos
-5 downward moving triangles: Divine Feminine/the Goddess: Point toward Earth/ground.

Female/Male, Yin/Yang:

We are female and male in nature.

The Goddess: the nurturing force of life, Mother. Receptive.
The God: the active force, movement. Strengthening.

To strengthen one is to receive another.

What I’m learning?

We all have needs at times. Even so, there is a difference in simply having needs and knowing that all our needs can be found within ourselves. Cultivating a deep and intimate relationship with myself is an essential quality in relating to ONE through my being in the world. It is in an intimate relationship to knowing myself that my needs will most likely be met.

How to create an intimate relationship with myself?

Treating my body as a temple.
Making love to myself.
Listening to my inner guides.
Doing what I really want to do.
Using and integrating all the senses.
Practice daily.
Being in my body. Movement and breath.
Forgiving others and myself when mistakes are made.
Letting go. Nurturing within.
Eat pure, clean and light.
Setting boundaries.
Setting intentions.
Creating a beautiful and intimate space.


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