cultivate my fire!

I am ecstatic to feel uplifted! In an intuitive reading with Adrienne Fodor, I was amazed by what beautiful advice she was giving and how much it was resonating.

Key words: cultivate my fire, balance my elements.. bodywork, earth, sun, heat, complete foods… What I imagine cultivating my inner fire is following my passions and listening to myself. A week off.

Today was a melancholy day. I was questioning what my passion was and doubting that it existed. While I kept myself stable throughout the day at work, I started to break a bit, revealing to others that I was stressed out and BEING depressed. Uncertain by my thoughts, unable at times to break free of them, I began to realize and notice that this is where a little space is crucial. Space to sit, to breathe, to generate more light….

When I got home, I took a lot more space, All of a sudden, the fire got brighter as I began to move through and create the possibility of having my own space and living alone. While I have been living alone for quite some time, subletting my friend’s space, the thought of creating my own space, a place to live and work from got really exciting!

Lately, I’ve been hearing myself speak about the need to make my practice my work, using the tools and skills I already have and refining them and using them for sessions with people. I do not yet know where my practice will lead, but I trust that I will know more by just starting with what tools I already have. There is fear and risk and maybe this is also cultivating more passion/fire.

So now I am excited about the possibility of a cute, sunny and affordable studio/one bedroom in a convenient location, either in the east bay or in the city, close to nature and in a warm location!


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