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Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

I believe I am getting clearer at removing the obstacles that get in the way of seeing and being love. Indeed, I ask for it everyday and it is nice to notice. During an intuitive reading my friend affirmed that I have come along way. Could it be at this, in seeing truth, which is love and everything else as unreal?

Today a lesson I am learning came to mind. I had a complaint. I saw myself voicing my opinion, my dislike for a certain language on a piece of paper at work…”required” printed out over a dozen times. While I projected that the language was threatening and unnecessary, the truth was that it triggered fear and I felt threatened. Suddenly, I remembered a lesson, “nothing real can be threatened.” Understanding overcame me and I no longer needed to state my “complaint.” Why? Because my complaint was based on fear, I felt threatened by the language, but was it truth? Was the written document really meant to be threatening? Was my complaining, my need to speak up, really an act of love or was it my ego, based on a thirst to be right?
It was indeed and as I noticed myself understand, peace restored itself and I was no longer afraid. In that moment, I surrendered to love.

What a beautiful thing to notice! Ask to see truth/love, stay committed and be real with intent and you will be heard. I am constantly present to judgments that arise, as I notice them quickly fall, restored back to love. I am so grateful of this and I am grateful for the mirrors, the spiritual warriors committed to transformation and unconditional love. My comrades!



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I am a spiritual warrior of love

Purpose. I believe I have found a purpose. What beauty it is to discover a part of myself that, at my core, always was. Balance is always a consideration. Peace is always a practice. At more core, who I am is love. At everyone’s core, who they are is love. That is what I will choose to see. That is what I am choosing to practice.

Behind all deception, manipulation, and fear is a cry for love. Behind all anger is a cry for love.
We are spiritual warriors of love, meant to shine light on the darkest parts of ourselves.
We are meant to heal in this life…
Every encounter, every situation is an opportunity to heal
-from the illusion of separation
-the ego which separated us
and told us we aren’t one.

We are one
one is love.

Look at judgement.
Notice how the ego wants to be right.
Observe how this creates separation.
Thereby preventing us from seeing who we really are: love.

Acknowledge Pain. Trauma. Abuse. Visions of past lives.
That keep us from allowing ourselves to experience loves presence.
Love is all around.
We heal with love.

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Jaguar medicine

The past few days have been challenging. I struggled and dwelled in financial burden and I have family visiting and their friends who are on vacation. It is not a good time to be social really with so much change in the midst; and yet I cherish being with people, especially my sister who is from out of town. So I am left with room for temperance and the faith that this will be understood in good time and without regret. Temperance is honoring my feelings, to consider my balance according to how I feel in the moment and to act accordingly.

I have also been finding myself indulging in things that aren’t necessarily good for me. I realize that this not listening affects my spirit. Although, the medicine of Jaguar is useful at this time. Jaguar teaches about integrity and doing one’s best, while allowing room for mistakes, through embracing forgiveness. Jaguar “humbly makes self-directed corrections, allowing a rebalanced spirit to triumph once again…. Integrity requires a forgiving and an open heart.”

Who I am is love. My mission is love.

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Real men worship womyn

I’ll date and be friends with men (and womyn), considering the possibilities, but I’m looking for a real man (probably a man) to share more intimacy with. It’s taken some time to realize my own divinity, but now that I am present to myself (God and Goddess within me), I do not need a relationship to feel whole or complete within myself. I have what I need. I am enough.

I desire a lover, sure, but I suppose that the time might not be right. So I’ll just wait patiently, knowing, trusting that he will come to me. Our union will be divine and it will be worth the wait.

A man who is present to his own divinity and seeks for balance within the divine feminine. He will be strong-minded, fun, adventurous, loving and kind to others. He will be a gift from the universe. Present to his own divinity, he will be balanced enough within himself.

I’m not going to settle for less.

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My faith in the God and the Goddess within all of us.

“Nothing external matters…except as it shows you it’s inner reflection.”

People come into my life, circumstances arise and I am constantly at thought as to “how come?” Perhaps there is little meaning to such encounters of people coming and going. However they are strong mirrors reflecting ways of being that I have once been or could relate to in some way, oneness resonating. Perhaps these reflections are omens of what is to come.

I surrender. I am centered. I trust. My faith is strong.


Imitate the wind.
Cultivate the soil.
Know the self.


“Consider not what will benefit you but what will benefit others and act according to the light you possess now in your life…total honesty is required.”

I pray for help in removing the obstacles- the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being hurt- that gets in my way of being fully of service, generous and utilizing of what gifts I already do have, using them to help ONE, for loves sake. Giving for the sake of giving and without expectation to receive anything in return.

My faith is in the God and the Goddess within all of us.

I fear that not enough people see it within themselves//turnaround: I fear that I do not see it enough within myself, is that true?

sometimes I do not feel as strong as I would like. I am very receptive however. Since God is movement and initiation and Goddess is receptive and in touch with feelings- my journey is in cultivating more strength within myself and I would like to feel all the senses more, which requires slowing down. I want to taste, touch, breath, smell, see things for what they really are: divine love. So yes. I see I have a ways to go and I can only teach what I practice. I have some reservations about how much I can help people and this prevents me from being powerful and present.


“To be in the world, but not of it.”

To live a full life. To play the game. To create. To serve and yet not to take things too seriously or take things personally.

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