My faith in the God and the Goddess within all of us.

“Nothing external matters…except as it shows you it’s inner reflection.”

People come into my life, circumstances arise and I am constantly at thought as to “how come?” Perhaps there is little meaning to such encounters of people coming and going. However they are strong mirrors reflecting ways of being that I have once been or could relate to in some way, oneness resonating. Perhaps these reflections are omens of what is to come.

I surrender. I am centered. I trust. My faith is strong.


Imitate the wind.
Cultivate the soil.
Know the self.


“Consider not what will benefit you but what will benefit others and act according to the light you possess now in your life…total honesty is required.”

I pray for help in removing the obstacles- the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being hurt- that gets in my way of being fully of service, generous and utilizing of what gifts I already do have, using them to help ONE, for loves sake. Giving for the sake of giving and without expectation to receive anything in return.

My faith is in the God and the Goddess within all of us.

I fear that not enough people see it within themselves//turnaround: I fear that I do not see it enough within myself, is that true?

sometimes I do not feel as strong as I would like. I am very receptive however. Since God is movement and initiation and Goddess is receptive and in touch with feelings- my journey is in cultivating more strength within myself and I would like to feel all the senses more, which requires slowing down. I want to taste, touch, breath, smell, see things for what they really are: divine love. So yes. I see I have a ways to go and I can only teach what I practice. I have some reservations about how much I can help people and this prevents me from being powerful and present.


“To be in the world, but not of it.”

To live a full life. To play the game. To create. To serve and yet not to take things too seriously or take things personally.


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