Real men worship womyn

I’ll date and be friends with men (and womyn), considering the possibilities, but I’m looking for a real man (probably a man) to share more intimacy with. It’s taken some time to realize my own divinity, but now that I am present to myself (God and Goddess within me), I do not need a relationship to feel whole or complete within myself. I have what I need. I am enough.

I desire a lover, sure, but I suppose that the time might not be right. So I’ll just wait patiently, knowing, trusting that he will come to me. Our union will be divine and it will be worth the wait.

A man who is present to his own divinity and seeks for balance within the divine feminine. He will be strong-minded, fun, adventurous, loving and kind to others. He will be a gift from the universe. Present to his own divinity, he will be balanced enough within himself.

I’m not going to settle for less.


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