Jaguar medicine

The past few days have been challenging. I struggled and dwelled in financial burden and I have family visiting and their friends who are on vacation. It is not a good time to be social really with so much change in the midst; and yet I cherish being with people, especially my sister who is from out of town. So I am left with room for temperance and the faith that this will be understood in good time and without regret. Temperance is honoring my feelings, to consider my balance according to how I feel in the moment and to act accordingly.

I have also been finding myself indulging in things that aren’t necessarily good for me. I realize that this not listening affects my spirit. Although, the medicine of Jaguar is useful at this time. Jaguar teaches about integrity and doing one’s best, while allowing room for mistakes, through embracing forgiveness. Jaguar “humbly makes self-directed corrections, allowing a rebalanced spirit to triumph once again…. Integrity requires a forgiving and an open heart.”

Who I am is love. My mission is love.


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