I am a spiritual warrior of love

Purpose. I believe I have found a purpose. What beauty it is to discover a part of myself that, at my core, always was. Balance is always a consideration. Peace is always a practice. At more core, who I am is love. At everyone’s core, who they are is love. That is what I will choose to see. That is what I am choosing to practice.

Behind all deception, manipulation, and fear is a cry for love. Behind all anger is a cry for love.
We are spiritual warriors of love, meant to shine light on the darkest parts of ourselves.
We are meant to heal in this life…
Every encounter, every situation is an opportunity to heal
-from the illusion of separation
-the ego which separated us
and told us we aren’t one.

We are one
one is love.

Look at judgement.
Notice how the ego wants to be right.
Observe how this creates separation.
Thereby preventing us from seeing who we really are: love.

Acknowledge Pain. Trauma. Abuse. Visions of past lives.
That keep us from allowing ourselves to experience loves presence.
Love is all around.
We heal with love.


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