Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

I believe I am getting clearer at removing the obstacles that get in the way of seeing and being love. Indeed, I ask for it everyday and it is nice to notice. During an intuitive reading my friend affirmed that I have come along way. Could it be at this, in seeing truth, which is love and everything else as unreal?

Today a lesson I am learning came to mind. I had a complaint. I saw myself voicing my opinion, my dislike for a certain language on a piece of paper at work…”required” printed out over a dozen times. While I projected that the language was threatening and unnecessary, the truth was that it triggered fear and I felt threatened. Suddenly, I remembered a lesson, “nothing real can be threatened.” Understanding overcame me and I no longer needed to state my “complaint.” Why? Because my complaint was based on fear, I felt threatened by the language, but was it truth? Was the written document really meant to be threatening? Was my complaining, my need to speak up, really an act of love or was it my ego, based on a thirst to be right?
It was indeed and as I noticed myself understand, peace restored itself and I was no longer afraid. In that moment, I surrendered to love.

What a beautiful thing to notice! Ask to see truth/love, stay committed and be real with intent and you will be heard. I am constantly present to judgments that arise, as I notice them quickly fall, restored back to love. I am so grateful of this and I am grateful for the mirrors, the spiritual warriors committed to transformation and unconditional love. My comrades!



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