Freedom is a State of Mind: working through guilt and fear

Mountain Lion Medicine teaches, lead by example, through personal integrity.


Today, I am letting go of guilt. I am becoming one and resonating with all those people who feel guilty and ashamed because they are out of integrity in their own lives. I feel out of integrity, driving so much. I feel out of integrity because driving is not sustainable and it is not who I am. I am resonating with all those people feeling heavy because of their own choices. I see that I choose to have a car. I will let the guilt go and I will be grateful for my car, for right now, it has a purpose. I am grateful for my car. alone. I feel some guilt because I am living alone. I really like to live alone. I feel I need the space for my balance. but is that true? Probably it is not. I do not need to live alone, I just want to, and I can accept this choice, because this choice came from a vision and I do not regret listening to this vision. I have been doubting living alone because I am working a lot and this transitional period creates anxiety for me. Breathe.

“This too shall pass.” Whoever said those words, inspires me. Guilt. Fear. They are low vibrations. I choose to trust and love, be patient, work hard, and show up! My vibration already seems to lighten, I feel more free.

I am now remembering the book, “Man’s search for meaning.” by Victor Frankl. Living in a concentration camp, where death was a constant reminder and what did he do? He chose to be generous, to hold space for others. He teaches that freedom is a state of mind.



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2 responses to “Freedom is a State of Mind: working through guilt and fear

  1. Hi Meg~ Your words are always inspiring to me 🙂 Thank you. And Thank You for the amazing massage, I, and my body feel amazing from it! Really! You are love and loved.let's have dinner soon 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing who you are. I was inspired. Look forward to reading more.

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