The Unity of One: Light and Dark

“The Supreme Critic on the errors of the past and the present, and the only prophet of that which must be, is that great nature in which we rest, as the earth lies in the soft arms of the atmosphere; that Unity, that Oversoul, within which every man’s particular being is contained and made one with all other; that common heart, of which all sincere conversation is the worship, to which all right action is submission; that overpowering reality which confutes our tricks and talents, and constrains every one to pass for what he is, and to speak from his character, and not from his tongue, and which evermore tends to pass into our thought and hand, and become wisdom, and virtue, and power and beauty. We live in succession, in division, in parts, and in particles. Meantime, within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is related; the eternal ONE…A man is the facade of a temple wherin all wisdom and all good abide. What we commonly call man, the eating, drinking, planting, counting man, does not, as we know him, represent himself, but misrepresents himself. Him we do not respect, but the soul, whose organ he is, would he let it appear through his action, would make our knees bend. When it breathes through his intellect, it is genius; when it breathes through his will, it is virtue; when it flows through his affection, it is love.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self Reliance and other Essays. “The Oversoul.”

How often do we misrepresent ourselves? How often do we speak from our tongues and not from our hearts? Do we act out of fear rather than love? Do we give other people the benefit of the doubt and love them, not for what they’ve accomplished, but for who they are? How often do we choose to forgive others and accept them, even when they do not respect us? How often do we choose to see our oneness, looking within rather than out? How often do we love ourselves?

The challenge is a practice and I am just another student, making mistakes and noticing when I fall. However, the opportunities to see love in every moment, to choose love, to acknowledge fear, is an intention that is about resonating with one. It is a commitment to see the goodness, despite the fear, the “bad” or seemingly “evil” that is, in reality, within all of us.

Setting intentions–>
Affirmations/Prayers to the Divine: God and Goddess:

Dear God and Goddess,
Release me of the conditions that create fear.
Guide me to removing the blocks of the illusion that I am separate.
Help me to clear my perception and see the love in all things.

I am God and Goddess both.
I am strength-receiving
I am committed to light and love.
I see and know that I am love.
I choose to water the seeds of love.
To love myself.
To love others.
To see the love in everything and everyone.
I forgive and accept myself and others.


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