Letting go

I am still processing a relationship that I feel I must let go of.
In it, I felt deep love, longing, compassion, fear, and sadness.
I discern that his ego is very strong and
I believe that he needs healing.
I was fighting fire with water.
Consciously, I want to heal him with unconditional love, because I really care about him.
Unconsciously, I wanted to heal family wounds.
I learned- people have to consciously want healing, which can be very hard work.
It is difficult to accept where I am limited but I do.
I trust that letting go of negativity is the best thing to do.
I am learning- how to approach mental and spiritual health issues.
I am learning- to notice and to let go without my ego wanting to dismiss, deny, or try to fit “what happened?” into a box.
I choose to accept and forgive what is.
I choose to stay open-hearted and receptive.
My faith is strong; love heals and healing is always possible.
I trust that this is a process I must need to go through.

There is death in letting go, yet there is new life to embrace.
Death breeds transformation.
I am excited, inspired, awe-struck, and filled with compassion and love.



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2 responses to “Letting go

  1. Bob

    Ok, I finally found some time to check you out, and as I read your latest blog my stomach cramps up, and I become aware of the darkness there. That piece of ego that demands an explanation to feel complete is rearing it's ugly head, and in reading your words I realize how much work I have to do. Thank you for having the strength to look somewhere I didn't look. Thank you for having the courage to place your thoughts where the universe can see. –dish pig Matt

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