Break down: Negative Emotion: fear, mental health, and the chakra system

Jator. Back in my life. So grateful! I contemplated the stories in the book, “Illusions.” I remembered a parable that reminded me that

when we commit to a “being,” so then we become!

This is an exciting realization and put into the context of “my” life, I see many things. I’ve quickly been noticing that within me there is fear, rattling in my body like a snake trapped in a cave. I have been afraid of negative energy. I have been courting the negative idea that there is such a thing as “evil.” I have been afraid of judgement. I have been judging myself. I have been doubting myself.

So it is an amazing revelation that when I put energy into something, the energy I get will follow according to how much I gave. This brings to mind that negative emotions will feed negative emotions by attracting more of that energy, as so with positive emotions. Our emotions reflect ways of being, constructed through time. Negative emotions often reflect old patterned beliefs and stories- traumas and conditioning- held in our nervous system and bodies. In the context of vibration: negative emotions have a very low vibration and if not shifted but rather acted out, will attract energy such as fear and guilt. In trauma, I learn, that traumatized people are constantly re-enacting the same trauma, the same fear and are often unaware that they are doing so. With this said, we can say that guilt and fear perpetuate through re-enactment; when we are afraid and especially when we act out on our fears, we call our own fears to us. This is the law of karma. Additionally, it is ironic that the lowest vibration in the chakra system is #1, the root chakra, most associated with fear.

The lowest chakra is also connected to water. In Chinese Medicine, water is ruled by kidney. Coincidently, Kidney, when out of balance, is related to the emotion: fear. When our kidney meridean is in balance, on the other hand, we are more likely to act courageously and without judgment. Our kidneys are also where our great reserve of energy is stored. When we are in a constant state of fear, it is likely that our kidneys are effected and we will have issues processing life’s stresses and have fluctuating energy patterns and sleep difficulties.

The root chakra is also associated with our sense of security, which is greatly influenced by how we were treated between the ages of conception and 8. It is where much trauma and abuse live. If we are blocked in our root chakra by fear it will be more difficult to trust others and God. When we are unable to trust in life processes or in our connection to the divine source, it is likely that our health will deteriorate mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Eastern cultures have used the chakra system for 1000s of years and is greatly associated with the science of kundalini energy. Our kundalini is often described as a serpent, resting with its tail in its mouth. When it awakens, which could be at any time, the kundalini energy vitalizes the chakras, which are constantly spinning vortices of energy that hold both positive and negative emotions, memories, and associations. The kundalini energy, when awakened, has the potential to lead one to a greater connection to themselves, God, and consciousness. When it is out of balance, however, it could lead to neurosis and other mental, emotional, spiritual dis-eases.

Looking at the chakra system and kundalini energy to understand mental, spiritual, and physical ailments is an exciting discovery that I hope others will embrace.


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  1. i enjoy your thinking process.. i enjoy you.. i enjoy play..

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