Everything and nothing

The path:

I am nothing and I am everything.
I am in the middle.
not positive or negative.
Good nor bad.
I am nothing.
I am everything.
I am one with all.
I am light and dark.
I am God and Goddess.
Quiet and listening.
Choosing and creating.
I am one with all.


The mind desires much.
What is wrong with passion?
Except that when I desire passion, I suffer.
So I sit in contemplation.
I try to empty my mind and observe my desires.
To detach from my desires.
Trust and patience, I let go.
I love myself for who I am and realize
everything is as it should be.


I commit
to daily practice.
I commit
to living.
I am a fearless warrior.
I commit.
to see Gods and Goddesses in everyone.
I commit
to ceremony
to acknowledge spirits.
I commit
to healing.
I commit
to study and to listen more
I commit
to connect with myself everyday.
I commit to share in community
I commit to meet others where they are at
I commit to accept.
I commit to inquiry and to love.


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