When a stream enters a river

Refining my practice.

Sound meditation.


echo the vibration of love, creation, and power.

Never to be abused.

Always looking within.

My words are only true, if they resonate with the self.

My judgments are only valid if they help others.

Cleanse me.

I notice: blame—> Projection.

Ego thinks it’s right.

Intuition about others?

To know and see a situation for what it is and yet, to accept others for who they are in the moment.

I could be wrong.

Who knows?

Thoughts create through words.

“Speak right.”

Have integrity.

Choosing my words.

Give me time.

Take my time.

No need to hurry.


“Is this love that I am speaking?”


Noticing…words like, “Be careful.”

Uncomfortable. I hear fear.

“Be mindful.”—> that is wisdom.

Yes- be present and mindful.

I notice.


Everyone has it.

Ego doesn’t see it though.

Insanity and consciousness.

Insanity is created by ego. A defense.

Let it go.


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