To emit sexual energy without a clear intention

Ahh- another thing to learn about myself.

Many people, I have heard, have thought that I want to date them or sleep with them.
Almost always, it is not the case.
What is it about me that gives people this vibe?

There will continue to be imbalanced sexual energy between men and women, until we strive for the the balance within ourselves. This im-balance comes from first, our 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra or sex chakra. The 2nd chakra is concerned with emotion and desire. Until we work on cleansing the distorted perceptions that drive ego, our emotional stability will be dependent on a desire to feel special. Thus, our actions will be based in our desire to satisfy the ego. If it is balanced, we will have a sense of accepting and allowing and we will desire to share with others. An imbalanced 2nd chakra will perpetuate worry and anxieties about fears that come from a lack of confidence in self and one’s abilities.

If our 2nd chakra is out of balance, we will more likely REACT from our 3rd chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Our ego will be wrapped up in feeling special, rather than seeing oneness. We might relate to others insecurely and manipulate sexually, in order to fuel our ego-ic drive…


Admittedly, I have strong sexual urges. I believe it is a part of my genetic make-up and also a tool for creative endeavors that I am just now starting to understand. However, I am seeing that my relating may either drive sexual urges in others, without my intending to do so, and perhaps even have people question my intentions.

I also know that I am very loving and warm and I like to be psychically close to people. In a balanced society, perhaps, my actions, my affection, would be sisterly and it would catalyze others to feel secure within themselves about their sexuality. Even if so, I have to take responsibility for projecting sexual desires unto other people, without consciously intending to do so. I see this is perhaps a response coming from an imbalanced 2nd and 3rd chakra. My journey to understand myself, feel confident in my abilities and explore my creative potential is still unfolding. Perhaps I grasp for a sense of security within myself outwardly onto others. I emit sexual energy because, it is there, existing within me, however, not yet fully, creatively expressed.

I am learning about boundaries. I am learning about holding space and loving, while keeping my sexual energy for myself to be used for creative endeavors.

I am emotionally balanced.
I am sister.
I am creative energy.


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  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?

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