Falling in love/ self-love

I believe I am falling in love.
Does it mean anything…?
I will just let myself be with this experience.
My heart open. Grateful. Vulnerable. Scary. Joyous. Desirous.

Stay present.

I let go of what it means.
I let go of expectations.
I surrender to whatever it is.

I do not know what is in my own best interest.
I only “know” that this is a practice in self-love and being present to love’s presence.
A strong mirror perhaps. A reflection of myself. Yes.
This is not selfish love.
It is relating with purpose.
It is relating to know self- God.
It is a choice.

So I remind myself
to stay authentic to me.
while keeping an open mind. an open heart.
Firmly rooted in intention and purpose.
The purpose which is to see God. To see Love.
To see the reflection of myself.


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