Resonating with One: the Negative Mind

The universal mind.
Interesting how two clairvoyants advised me the same thing, without me even telling them.
People’s energies like to stick around me.
Ask them if they have a message and kindly, thankfully ask them to leave.
So today, I took some time communicating with what message I might be learning about the negative mind.

After practicing yoga all day and then while taking zumba class, the negative mind started to disturb me. A great deal of judgement and self-abuse I was hearing. I was really surprised and naturally, I wanted to tell the negative mind to “shut up,” I wanted to suppress it. I felt ashamed of it and…honestly, I do not feel that this energy is mine. I believe it is a spiritual test. So what do I have to learn? What message am I getting?

It is that ability to resonate with one. The message is that people are carrying around other people’s energies and abusing themselves and judging others and they do not know what to do about it. They can’t stand their negative mind but they do not know how to shut the negative mind up, so they judge themselves and they judge other people and they do not evolve because they feel stuck.

This too could be me. I can resonate with the feeling of, after hours of practice and diligence and devotion, a good deal of frustration and worry that I could end up stuck in samsara, the karmic cycle of death and rebirth. However, I am not giving up and for whatever path I am on, I am certain that it is in healing.


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