Peace and Awareness

As my nervous system gets stronger through spiritual practice, kundalini yoga and chiropractic care, I am more sensitive and less drawn to substances and other unhealthy ways of responding to emotional “upsets,” such as fear. Also, I notice that I am much more self-contained and less driven by impulse. I notice through feeling more and this creates in me awareness. Even so, I know this feeling can not be taken for granted, for there are moments when my will fights with my desire for emotional satisfaction, reward, and tendencies that take me out of being present. I am reminded that this work on SELF and seeing ONE is a constant practice, a constant playing ground where there are moments when I simply feel tired, frustrated, lonely, and scared. Yet, as with any other playground, I see that I am not alone. I see that there are some people who are very energetic to play on this playground, they are sharing resources and being with each other, and there are people who do not yet even know that where they are is a playground. These people tend toward violence and react in ways that perpetuate fear. However, seeing that choosing to play on the playground is a constant practice, I realize that these people are also me.

Put into perspective, I am choosing to see life as a playground, rather than a battlefield, despite the violence that is happening in my neighborhood and in the world. I am choosing awareness. I am choosing oneness. I am choosing peace through this awareness. Peace from within vibrating throughout the playground, thereby creating more of it. I am choosing also forgiveness, for when I fall out of the game that life is a playground, I must be gentle and forgive myself so that I can bathe in my humanness and continue playing.

May this vibration of love penetrate into hearts whose tendencies are toward the battlefield. May we be reminded of the love within ourselves and choose peace by seeing oneness in each other.


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