What are we here for?

Fear not love, however examine that which it is based on.
Is it need?
Is it desire?
Is it loneliness?

Is it compatibility? Comraderie and/or spiritual development and growth?

We are often not aware or we forget that who we encounter in life are gifts from the universe, blessing us with lessons to reflect upon. We are light and love and we could be intentionally, purposefully choosing to live life this way. Instead, we often get out of presence with others, filling ourselves with lies about ourselves and forgetting who we are. We then begin to distrust, become needy and start to see those that are in our life, not as extensions of ourselves, but “others,” those who give to us something that we do not believe we already have. This drains our essential life force and effects our spirituality.

So what if we all make a daily commitment to see that those we encounter in life are really just extensions of ourselves, gifts from the universe. How about making a commitment to see the presence of love in everyone, and base our encounters on our own and each others spiritual growth and development. What would life be like if we let go of our attachment to be right, to get ahead, make money…ect, and began to accept that all we are here for is it heal with and experience unconditional love and acceptance.

Personally, I feel powerful to make this commitment. This commitment helps me to direct my life with purpose, to walk with courage and dignity. It helps me to accept where I am, who I am and it helps me to let go of attachment and not knowing.

I thank the universe for the lessons and gifts of love and light reflected back at me.


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  1. very nice Meg~ healing words and thoughtful words… I commit !!!

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