Honoring Jesus through Forgiveness.

Jesus teaches about forgiveness, for even through abuse, ridicule, and torture, he had the space in his heart to forgive those who were doing him harm.

“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

How many people can we forgive today? I believe Jesus would rather us honor his birth this Christmas by rejoicing in his teachings and forgiving one another, than through mass consumption of things. Every time we forgive another, we are healing ourselves of wounds and clearing space in our hearts for more love to enter. Every time we forgive another, we are clearing hurt in them, freeing them of guilt and creating opportunity for different ways of being.

Forgive me Father, for I am afraid of my neighbor. The neighbors across the street, from where I heard shootings. Forgive me for it is difficult to see them- eye to eye. I do not want to look at them. I feel intimidated by them and I wish they did not exist. I want to cry for the people that know them, the innocent…at least the children.

“Fear not my child. For you are they and they are you.”

O.k. I remember when I, in school, fought for my protection. It was what I knew how to do, to react to criticism and meanness. I felt vulnerable and I fought because I felt this way. Like them, I fought for my protection because I felt threatened. Even though, I wasn’t ever really. It was ego. I know now. It was protection from my ego being hurt. If nothing real can be threatened, then what do I have to fear. I enjoy my body. I enjoy this existence; however, if I die, I will die in peace, believing that I will be an angel and if not, I will reincarnate until that time comes.

To them life is a battlefield.

Do I perpetuate their fear by calling the cops? Whom have guns? They create problems because they do not receive love. They may have been brought up into meanness and shame. They may be dealing with energies that are not even their own. They cause and create problems also because they do not know love.

Are cops loving?

Cops are afraid too. Fear perpetuates itself.

I pray for them and I pray for there protection and those too that they are
fighting. I pray for peace. I pray that they see and experience love. I pray to be a source of love, rather than a source of fear for them. I pray for guidance and protection.

I forgive my neighbors and I forgive myself for courting negative ideas about them.


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