2011: Commitment and cultivation

This new year, I am committed to being completely in my own energy. Recognizing when I am and when I am not, continuing to learn energy boundaries to release the energies which are not mine. It is a practice. I am committed to self-care, self-love and cleaning my mirror. My path this year is to continue to learn and grow from all my experiences. My path right now is in cultivating the soil in which I dance through life.

The soil- is rich, healthy. I feed it good thoughts, with people that nurture creative ideas. I am curious about everything and therefore, I remain alert and always learn. I remain true to my internal convictions, that which resonates, listening according to what the soil needs in the moment. Inspiration is fed with good conversation, study, practice, and service. Even seemingly negative experiences have something to teach me. They go to the compost and get digested into fertile soil. I am dancing in the world: active. nourished. nurtured. Listening. Trusting. The earth supports me. God supports me. I know this and therefore, I can let go with more ease.


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