Life is full of choices.

4:00 a.m woke up for sadhana. I acknowledge all the little steps I take. I can’t remember ever getting up that early for myself and today I did. I did it for myself to strengthen my will and to create more harmony and balance within myself. I did it because I noticed an experience of guilt for having an “imperfect” practice, leading me to doubt myself.

Focusing on the guilt of past actions, often lead to worries about the future… however, focusing on the small stuff that we can do will help us see that life is full of choices. When we make choices that we later regret, there will always be opportunities to
make another choice that will bring us back to harmony. The first thing we can do is take responsibility for our choices. I remember noticing how free my friend Ryland was when he CHOSE a difficult situation that he was being presented with. This way of being completely inspires me to choose my experiences, despite the challenges, to free myself of the illusion that I am not free. Seeing choice also helps me to let go of the distorted belief that I am inherently “wrong”.

Focusing on what small steps can be made helps me to be more present to living in the now. I am much more inspired to learn through who I am being about things, and especially when I am being in integrity, that is when I am honest with myself. Because, even though I may not yet have the discipline or the lifestyle to get up every morning for sadhana, everything I do that reflects what is really important to me, such as devotion, commitment and love brings me back to harmony with who I am at my core.


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