Advice: "Good" medicine or "bad" medicine?

An aspect of myself that I have difficulty accepting is my need to advise. The humiliating part is that I do not even notice when I am advising and I have to be with the discomfort that I do this oftentimes unconsciously. “How annoying?” I think that must be.

The blessing is that I get to pay more attention to distinguish:

Am I sharing? Is what I have to say coming from personal experience?
Am I advising? Is what I want to say based on a perception of what I think would be helpful for another person?

I know this will be a good challenge for me. A challenge in sacred listening. A challenge in trusting that we are the commanders of our own destiny and all is as it should be. A challenge in being accepting- of myself and others.

I am eager to share tools cause I want to help ourselves heal from the lies and distortions we were taught through conditional love. Admittedly, I am on this path as well. However, I need to let go of the idea that I can help people who do not want my help or ask for it. I can only focus on myself; I can only focus on what comes up for me in the moments that I want to advise to meet “my” challenges. I also see what is “good” medicine could be “bad” medicine depending on one’s perception; as well as the opposite, what is “bad” medicine could be very helpful for someone. It all depends on how we relate to the things we do; therefore, if I seek to advise when I am not asked, I could potentially just be serving “bad” medicine, contrary to what I want.


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  1. i enjoy your words.. i also enjoy "bad" medicine just as much as "good" medicine. i enjoy the way you observe and grow. i enjoy

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