The fear of judgement

I had the experience of “feeling” judged today. I realize I am probably judged often; however, I am now seeing that judgement is just a part of the universal mind, the negative mind that ‘longs to belong’ and judges oftentimes, inappropriately, to protect itself when it feels rejected and/or scared.

Could it be that what we are dealing with is a projection? We are afraid of being judged because we are judging ourselves. We react defensively and unloving, to protect ourselves from the judgement that we are experiencing within ourselves.

I am becoming more and more accepting of other people’s judgement of me, recognizing that it is a fear within the One Self, more than it is a reality or truth. It is a tendency to judge that which we do not understand and to deny feeling vulnerable to our own internal conflicts. It is easy to project and to judge others because then we do not have to deal with our feelings and fears around being imperfect.

Instead of reacting to other people’s judgement, despite feeling uncomfortable, express gratitude; for if not for our mirrors, how are we to see ourselves?

I am grateful for being judged today and I release that judgement and I forgive myself.


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