Words from Swamiji
People who are nasty, irritating, annoying or who seemingly work against you, may have been sent in order to show you that you are intolerant, impatient, capable of ill will, spite, retaliation or a spirit of vengefulness. Unless you are provoked, how can you know what is within you?
The adaptation to be in the world and not of it. I’m hiding out, inward mostly. It’s the time. i accept. However I see the baggage has not been completely dropped, followed by fear of not being provided for. Is this not the greatest fear? I don’t know. I’ve been making myself wrong for any acting out of ego, I realize. I feared becoming delusional. I noticed within myself ego talking, acting with an agenda. I felt flooded with guilt. But now I am realizing, how else am I to choose differently without this awareness?

I have been acting with an agenda. I have been acting out of fear. I can surrender now. Now that I am aware of this, I can surrender and find peace in remembering that the present moment is all I have. I do not need to be ahead. I do not need to be anywhere other than where I am at in this moment. I just need to listen with my heart. The heart never lies.

Everything is perfect in this moment. I am who I am being in this moment. I love who I am. I choose my thoughts. I am healing. I desire the same for everyone. When I start comparing myself to others, I suffer. May we all be free of suffering.

Cut and pasted from email: kundalini teacher training.

“This adaptation requires 3 specific motions:

#1 Stillness: The motion of no motion, the ability to drop the baggage of the past
100%. You cannot give, if you have an agenda. This is the trap of vertical desire.
The desire to be just a little closer to the light than everyone else. This chasing
around to be the most devoted, the biggest groupie, is a distraction from drilling
the well. This first phase is the phase of the inner Buddha, the ability to vibrate
without issues. This is the skill of Sadhana.

#2 The gift of Humor: The Cosmic joke. The things you can’t laugh at are the areas
of attachment and regret.

#3 A frequency of service, a way to give, a way to connect as your authentic self.


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