Why Heal?

Why Heal?
How much of us are in our own energy?
How many of us are affected by the energies of others and past situations, circumstances?
How often do we look at mental and physical dis-ease and relate it to spirituality?

So many of us day to day make choices that affect our health- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We are a whole system of energy. Remembering a wise quote by Yogi Tea, “we are spirit having a human experience.” How many of us in our day to day lives really remember this? 
It is easy to forget that we are actually living souls and that we are here on this earth to learn from our human experiences. When we die, do we really think that we no longer exist? Our physical body dies but do we think that our spiritual body dies too? Do we believe that the affect we had on this planet no longer has an impact? If we bring to mind Jesus, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and anyone else whose physical bodies are gone but has impacted our life today, we can believe that their spiritual bodies actually are still vital within and outside of us.

So this brings to mind a larger question, how often do our choices day to day feed and nourish us spiritually? What impact does this have on others? On the planet? On our health?

Setting an intention to be on a path of healing is entering into a new paradigm, it is entering onto a path of wholeness. It is reconnecting to our soul, to who we are at our core. This is the foundation for good health. How many of us have tried to lose weight or to be liked, in order, to be accepted by society or someone? When we compromise our integrity by masking our true identity through the attachment and expectations of other people, we lose ourselves and disconnect with our essential qualities, our creative aspect. When we do this, we feed wounds rather than nourish them.

“I” believe that we are all wounded and that we are here to heal. Even though we may not stop to realize, anytime we are coming from fear, rather than love, we are feeding wounds of separation that we can heal from.

Healing is our birthright!


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