A loved one.
To feel invaded as she.
What I thought- existential reality.
Must need 3 eyes to see.
I know nothing.
So little.
For you are so vast
what does she have to learn of this experience
but of her own identity?
I can not judge to know
infiltrate “her” reality with talk of a “spiritual emergency”
I let go.
because my thoughts delude me with a desire to see healing.
Is this an omen for the human family?
There is both fate and destiny.
Words such as “death” sometimes pervade me.
I do not believe they are my words.
What is left is wondering if they are “hers.”
So I sit to calm of this possibility.
That someone I love
may want to die.
And I am not prepared nor capable of this human condition to be alleviated by me alone.
But I do believe.
I believe.
In the power of collectivity and change.
The strength in knowing, there is healing.
The strength through experience that you are energy.
And energy is healing.
You are universal, omnipresent, always there.
Awareness grows.
Yes. Yes. I believe.


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