Why Heal? part 2

Maybe this will resonate with you and maybe not.

We have all had the experience of feeling full of negative beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes about ourselves and others. We have all, at least at one time, been affected by people slandering words at us. We have all had the experience of enjoying, to some extend, putting people down or rejecting another person, or wanting them to feel bad or excluded.

We often do not question our motives or look within ourselves to see that they exist. We act on our negative thoughts and beliefs because we do not want to consider that underneath it, we feel vulnerable, inferior, guilty, and/or ashamed. We feel resentful that we “have to” or “should” do things that we do not have energy for and we get fearful that our love or self-worth is somehow conditional.

This sense of “not being enough” is what is conditional however. It is a condition of society that we all create and perpetuate out of fear. We fear conditional love so much that we reject people who mirror us and the lack of self-worth that we have for ourselves. When we are born, we begin to see things as dualistic, “this” or “that”, “good” or “bad”, “right and wrong”. We turn on t.v. or watch movies that feed the beliefs of our parents and those around us, creating more fear of conditional love.
There are a multitude of negative and distorted beliefs that we carry around with us since conception. Until we become aware of them and set an intention to heal them, we continue to internalize our fears and project and blame others for being the cause of our suffering.

When we set an intention to heal, we work to undo the layers, the perceptions that bind us. The perceptions or view of life that are filtered through past experiences and beliefs about our self-worth. When we set an intention to heal, we work to see things as they really are, rather than how we think they are. We find that we are no different, we are not alone. We can accept ourselves more and let more love and light shine through us. The intention to heal is really an intention to discover the Ultimate in all things and all people. It is a path and a processes of uncovering layers that we will need to cleanse, purge, and let go of.


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