To negate alternative ways of healing as against God.

I am healing from the wounds of healthcare and religious wars. There is so much healing to be addressed and our healthcare system is in desperate need of more mind, body, and spirit medicine. It is a harsh and painful reality that some people do not get the care they need; they do not trust outside the realm of our current medical system and/or belief system. It hurts to see that people would limit or shape an experience that is based in a lack of understanding and then negate alternative ways of healing as against the name of God.

Any notion that healing is against God is ludicrous, for how can one’s intention be set on creating and restoring life when life itself is created by God.

How can I learn from this? How can I understand better?
It is Possible that:
-I have a different perspective as some people do. That is all. They are not wrong, nor am I.
-It is not one’s desire to limit healing, it is a lack of belief in the healing and/or a lack of belief that one can directly channel God.
-We repress our personal experiences and replace it with shame and guilt; it is difficult to trust.
-We often believe God is outside of us and this limits our scope of healing.
-We think that the only way to reach God is through praying.
-We doubt the possibility that we are co-creators.
-I could accept the view: every experience can be measured and pigeonholed into the medical system. The medical system is fantastic and the cure for everything! I choose to not agree; however, I will accept their view.
– I could accept the view: there are no spiritual values to mental health dis-eases. I choose to not agree; however, I will accept their view.
-This is an opportunity to trust and let go. Love and accept what is.
-This is an opportunity to stay true to myself.
-It could be that this is my passion and this is fuel to my fire. I can be grateful.
-This is foundational to understand as I move through life, not everyone will like or agree with me.
-This is an opportunity to practice tools for emotional balance.

Emotional Balance:
30 minutes- alternative nostril breathing, praying, and meditation
Crying, with an intention to cleanse.
Writing this blog.
Focusing. Being present to my friend and her newborn baby!


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