Following the "light"

I recall an inspiring tool from a self-improvement book about becoming an effective leader. I can’t recall the name of the book. However, it reminds of the importance to view my effectiveness from a circle of influence rather than within my circle of concern.

When I think of my circle of concern, I get overwhelmed, worried, and doubtful about the future. I feel helpless and “not good enough” because I know that I can not control other people, situations, circumstances… When I focus within the circle of concern, I feel less powerful, less effective in the world. I am not present nor inspired.

Then, thankfully, there is always that light, the circle of influence. It is what I can do in the moment. Perhaps, the light shines itself in the form of a mirror- another person/animal, a sign that I notice, or maybe it is a loud voice within. No doubt, though, it is light. It is pure knowing. It is related to everything. It is saying let go. Surrender. It is accepting, compassion, joy, and forgiveness. It is what to do that will bring balance and harmony within myself. “What can I do now to bring me back to oneness with myself and all things?” That is a great question! However great or small, whether it is smelling a flower, taking a walk, giving something away, meditating, crying, understanding… that light speaks and it is the answer to the moment. It is the answer that will ignite and inspire Self. Follow it. Trust it. Thank God.


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