Mirroring Wants from needs

The other day I got really angry. Nobody would probably have guessed but inside I was fuming with heat in my body. How come? I noticed a guy I was working with doing something that was affecting me. I started to think he was doing it on purpose and that THOUGHT created anger and frustration.

Often the people that frustrate and challenge us are really just meant to teach us something that we don’t like within ourselves. In moments of anger, ask yourself, “what do I have to learn from this? What is this person teaching me?”

Honestly, I was mad and frustrated because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. Oftentimes, he gets frustrated with me for not following what he wants. Is this not a great mirror! Someone is doing to me, exactly what I have done to them and I get frustrated and upset. How do we relate to people when we want something from them? How does it feel to not measure up to what someone else wants?

Considering that the things that we think we want, may not be what we really need, perhaps what I needed was to see the lesson that I keep seeing and hearing a lot lately. “Nobody’s perfect. Let go. Your not perfect. Neither are they.” Does this help me overcome the frustration and upset of not getting what I want? Yes!

The next time you are angry at someone, ask yourself:

What do I have to learn about myself from this situation? What are they teaching me?
What do I want? Is what I want really something I need?


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