visualization and medicine reminders

While sitting I had this sudden vision where I was looking down at Earth. The Earth’s aura revealed to be very dark and so then I thought, “Ok. What do I do with this image?” So I started to see light. Pockets of light, expanding more and more. I see light. It exists already. It was challenging to stay with this vision to see it expand to all of humanity. I noticed “my” mind distracting me with ego-ic thoughts having to be about me. Is this what we are facing? The world of me and mine, distractions and tendencies vs the seeing, the being of Oneness.

Perhaps this is a sign. I have been asking for signs and they keep pointing me in the direction of service. Life and living is really about serving others, increasing the vibration of light and love in the world. To me, it is about serving what I call God. I realize that sometimes I am very present to all that I do as an opportunity to serve God and other times, I am impatient and I hunger for full creative expression, outlets. So now 3 animal medicine cards come to mind:

The medicine of ANTELOPE, who teaches that action and service are everyday opportunities in which we must act if we are to create/manifest our desires. The medicine of Ant, who teaches us about patience, trust, and the “group” mind. In setting one’s intentions to say, bring light in the world, we must have patience and trust to see when and where our creations unfold. We also must work together and see that we all play a part. We have to be one with each other and work to end the dualistic thinking that we are separate and have to compete (that is ego-ic). Lastly, I am reminded of Alligator, who teaches the importance of proper timing, which is needed for the digestion and integration of new ideas, projects, ect, entering one’s life.


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