Earth and we are ONE

Like us, the earth cries for balance.
Like us, when the earth gets stressed out, she throws a fit.
She cries for LOVE.
The earth and we are ONE.
What is happening to the earth is happening to us.
The micro IS the macro
It is not us vs she
We ARE the Earth.

We are a stressed out species.
How do we want to spend our lives?
Mother Earth asks.
She cries for us.
She wants us to respect ourselves.
She wants us to learn from her.
She wants acknowledgment.
She wants us to be balanced and grounded
so she can be at peace.

“Remember me!” She cries.

Let us give thanks to Mother Earth.
Let us honor her.
Listen to her.
Visit her.
Respect her.
Trust her.
Give back to Mother Earth.

Let us remember her.


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  1. i am here, i am listening, i am love

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