If you feel yourself "mad" (spiritual seekers)

One reason people are more likely to go “crazy” is because who they are being is created by the outside world as who they are. The mad begin to believe their thoughts that they are crazy. They can eventually lose their mind and damage their brain, which will make it more difficult for them to become grounded. This is not to create fear, in fact, fear is the watering of the seeds of madness. Because mad people believe the thought that they are crazy, their ego becomes so strong that their fears become reality, a self-fulfilling prophesy. They do not believe they can be helped so they do not invest time or energy in healing. They become victims and predators.

How would it look if we became more aware of the power of our words? Would we still be trying to classify, control and manipulate others to fit our distortion of “reality”? What is likely to happen is that we will struggle with our “alternative” view of reality with the old belief and ways of being that perpetuate our fears.

If this becomes the case, if you find yourself questioning your thoughts more, knowing that they are not true, you might feel like you are going crazy. You may feel guilty by your knowledge of being a co-creator and creating the things you don’t really want. The key to this is: don’t believe your thoughts. The truth is that you are becoming more aware and this awareness is key to our liberation.

Be patient and find tools to love yourself.
Seek guidance if you need to.

Unrevised post

Background thoughts of my neighbor:

She’s a nut. Not very grounded and quite paranoid.
Totally afraid.
“Resonate with her”
It is not that she IS crazy.
It is not that she IS a nut.
It is who see has been feeding.
She feeds “her” negative mind and believes her words.
She feeds “her” negative mind and creates what she does not want.
Her life is full of illusion.
This is the case with all of us to some extent.
How extreme one’s condition is depends on what seeds they water and how often.
Madness is contributed as a result OF THE CONDITIONED MIND, the separated self.

And he?
Do we deserve such things to happen to us? Do we deserve to get hurt by those we love?
Are we not innocent bystanders?
I do not know.
All is to be learned.
We are but borrowed bodies.
Have compassion and surrender to not knowing.


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