The Aquarian Teacher

The Aquarian Teacher:

As we embark on the new age, one question comes to mind: what is an aquarian teacher?

An Aquarian teacher is a person with presence. Presence will be more important in the future than the knowledge, expertise, and information the teacher carries. The Aquarian teacher will inspire his or her students without having to say a thing. The teacher will be a person of magnitude because they radiate qualities within the ONE soul that the student wishes to connect to.
They deliver through the act of conscious love for all. The Aquarian teacher delivers experiences and guides the student to the seeing and being interdependent with God, without imposing his or her ego. She/he does it through love, compassion, accepting, and allowing. The Aquarian teacher will encourage his/her students to unity with self, but she/he will not do so with a belief that his/her way is the one way. Instead, the Aquarian teacher will ignite within the student their own creative force that is unique to that particular student. The Aquarian teacher is aware of a systemization of knowledge but he or she is guided by intuition and encourages the same for his or her students.


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