If we want to create and manifest an idea, a project, a way of being in our lives, it is helpful to imprint in the mind what it is we are creating. This way we are present to the opportunities that come our way. This is the nature of divine order. We create in our minds, through our thinking and feeling. Once our thoughts and feelings become in line with our doing, then creation steps in and we manifest.

Often times we are manifesting things we don’t want. This is because our thinking, believing (feeling) and doing is not in alignment. At the root of this may be because we are afraid and indecisive. We go back and forth between what we think we want and not believing or feeling that we can create it or that we are worthy and/or deserving of what we want. This prevents us from taking the action in creating what we think we want.

We weren’t taught that we are constantly co-creating with the universe. Our view of “reality” has been filtered through our fears of past conditioned beliefs that originated before our time. We can recreate a new view of “reality,” manifesting what it is we think we want, through gratitude, forgiveness, visualization, through feeling our fears…

Healing is essential to manifesting. Admittedly, I am still healing and what am I healing from? I am still healing from our belief in separation. The belief that we are separate from God, from ourselves as co-creators and creations of God, and our fears of a judgmental and punitive God. “I” believe that this is at the root of what gets in the way of our thinking, believing and doing and this is why healing is so important…

We often don’t trust who we are!

Trust is another ingredient to manifesting. In a sense, to trust is to do. It is a way of being. We train our minds to think what we are creating and we begin to resonate with the thought through feeling. Then we have to trust. We may think that we have to “get” what we want, but the law of gender teaches us that with everything, there is both a gestation period and an incubation period. The gestation period is represented by the divine feminine. She is the shadow, the place where we create through our mental imprinting and prayer. Through our devotion and through our healing, we prepare ourselves for the incubation process to become that which we are creating.

Example: What I am creating through gratitude:

I am full of gratitude for a community that inspires. I am very present to all the people in my life who are committed to love, evolution and consciousness. This community is building. I am surrounded by people who inspire. Together, we are creating. We are inspiring. We are evolving. We are healing. We are growing. Together, we expand!

I am present to all the abundance. Life is such a blessing. I get to be here on earth another day and I am grateful. I am blessed to see that there is so much beauty. The flower that sits on my alter. The food. Thank you Heaven. Thank you Earth. Thank you for the experience of life and living, the joy, the pain. Thank you for the lessons at love.



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