Extend love through inspiration rather than intellect.

“Mulla Nasruddin was a school teacher. Every day for many years he rode his donkey to school. At last the attitude of learning caught hold of the ass too and one day he turned to the rider on his back and asked, “Mulla, why do you go to school every day?”

The Mulla was quite taken aback. Was he hearing right? Did the donkey really speak? He had heard many donkeys speak, but never a four legged one! However, if those others can talk why not this one? The Mulla thought, “It must be that all this going to school has had an effect on him and he has just begun to speak. It was my own fault bringing him to school everyday.”

“Why do you want to know?” asked the Mulla

“I am curious, thats all. Why do you come to school every day?” Said the donkey.

“I come to teach the children.”


“So the children can learn.”

“What happens by learning?”

“A person gains intelligence and wisdom.”

“What use is intelligence?” persised the ass

“What us you say? It is because of my intelligence that I am riding you!” said the Mulla

“Teach me also, Mulla. Give me intelligence!” Said the donkey

“Oh, no.” said the Mulla, “I am not foolish. Then you will be riding me!” ”

OSHO, “The True Name”


What is the use of intelligence or knowledge if it is not inspiring to one another. If we are extending love, we inspiring each other to be love. If we are extending intellect, however, we are merely teaching what the ego desires for itself. Through our intellect, the ego-ic mind limits its words to its own benefit and keeps for itself what it fears it would lose. What would it lose? It would lose itself for the ego thrives on being right, good and “best.” There is no such thing, however. If we have more “knowledge” than another, it does not mean we are better or more right or good. If we have more “knowledge” then that knowledge or wisdom can be used to share and inspire. It is does not, then it is not useful to that person. If it is not useful to the person, we may find 2 people competing to be right, better, or good. If this happens, we have two intellects competing through their knowledge of what they “know”. Perhaps they are saying the same things but their ego do not want to be “one” and so it looks to be “devil’s advocate” and share what it does not even believe itself.

What is the use in sharing knowledge, when it is not inspiring. While we have the presence to share in the silent moments of simply being ONE with each other, the ego-ic mind thrives on intellect and “knowledge” so that it can feel more special.

Why do we do this?

Is it because we are afraid?

Let us practice sharing and extending love. Being wise and having knowledge is not a thought but comes only in the moments when it is useful/helpful, to inspire someone or oneself. Let us practice silence, sitting in the comfort or the discomfort of simply being with another person or oneself without having to say a word.


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