Idealizing the spiritual warrior within

A spiritual warrior knows that around the corner he may face death.
But despite knowing, he walks without armor, without fear of this impending death.
Instead, he embraces life as if there is no such thing as death.
for to him, he will not have lost anything, but have been grateful for all that he has lived.
Despite knowing, he walks without armor, without fear,
for he trusts that when it is time, his life will have been in the name of God.
And death will have meant that he has offered all he could in that life.
Until then, however, he continues to serve and to learn.
He is grateful to be alive.
Everyday he blesses the earth and the sky. Mother and father.
He is grateful for his body and his time on earth.
Despite fear of impending death. he stands with courage and gratitude.
He stands as a teacher and as an example
for to see him, to know him
He carries not the world’s worries.
He trusts and that makes him free.

Some people may think he is foolish. They may call him harsh words
for his heart is open even to the ugly, the profane, the criminal.
He may feel fear but he does not let it dictate his decisions and so he seems callous.
He discerns and walks with awareness. He knows when it is necessary to retreat
However despite his judgment he always chooses to see love.
He who sits in front of him is love.
Misunderstood as indifferent to some
He is not.
He trusts.
He is free.


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