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Demystifying Kundalini

Kundalini Energy is the energy of consciousness. It is much clearer to me that awakening kundalini energy is actually the path of healing and wholeness. It is when the eliminating energy, apana, and the life force energy, prana, meet. Of course, the path of wholeness and healing is not easy or pure bliss. It is sometimes a very difficult journey and many of us get stuck at Shakti Pad, forgetting to trust. Thus, the kundalini energy is both a mixture of prana and apana energies, death, dying, destructive forces, combined with living, learning, and growth: pranic energy. These energies combine and create friction, connecting oneself to greater spiritual experiences.

People talk about kundalini awakenings, which are sudden emergences of a spiritual nature that awaken from within and direct us to wholeness. All yoga is about awakening the kundalini energy. In fact, yoga really means connection to oneself or to God.
Kundalini yoga is a potent practice to awaken the kundalini energy from within, however, the awakening, can occur at any time. With this said, kundalini yoga, as nearly all chi-cultivation or yogic practices, are helpful to prepare oneself for a spiritual awakening. If unprepared, a kundalini awakening can lead to crisis. This really depends on karmic influences and how much a person has addressed or healed from their past.

Some people are weary of kundalini yoga and believe that it is “dangerous.” This belief, at least to some degree, is rooted in shame and guilt; that one is to wander into esoteric or hidden realms, is considered by many forbidden or “evil,” as if playing with God. Also, some people believe that kundalini yoga is simply very high energy and one must have a strong nervous system to contain all the energy. Although, many great kundalini yoga teachers strive to push their students to the edge of their experience/ego, as all spiritual and non-spiritual practices, one must discern for themselves what their limit is.

One insight is that kundalini yoga, as all spiritual disciplines, if practiced regularly, brings with it levels of awareness, more depth to spiritual realms, including subtle energies that are both “base”/negative and healthy. This awareness of negative, unseen energies does not attract the practitioner or student; rather, the awareness brings new levels and dimensions of healing that would not have otherwise been addressed. This awareness or understanding may be essential for one’s healing journey and is a part of the spiritual emergence that is occurring at this time. Therefore, take this as a sign that if one encounters new dimensions of awareness of subtle realms, there is no need to be afraid. Rather than fear the subtle energies or blame anyone or anything for being the source of them, be grateful- for it is perhaps true that many people are unaware of the subtle energies that lie within their electro-magnetic field, the aura. This, at least in part, can broaden the depth, the understanding, and the awareness of what it really takes to heal in this life, discovering more deeply rooted sources of illness that manifests in the body.


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Raising the standards in energy cleansing/boundaries

Apparently, I need to raise my standards in creating energy boundaries and releasing other energies from my space, says Clairvoyant Reader, Adrienne Fodor. They have been affecting my health.

I am grateful. At first, I was concerned because I haven’t been practicing healing “others” on an emotional level very much and it had been partly due to feeling fatigue. I wondered what was “wrong” with me and why I didn’t have energy and suspected it was due to a kidney deficiency. Now I realize I need to do more work on myself before I enter this field, becoming more keen in the LISTENING and RELEASING energies from my space. For example, if I am thinking about someone a lot, who is not even in my life, perhaps they are in my physic field. Not them so much as their energy. Also, if some experience is triggering an old story or belief that is not serving me, then I need to go back and release that energy as well.

It is possible for energies to be with us, even without their bodies and probably without their awareness as well. If someone is being negative- in my perception, which is pretty much always based on the filters of my past experiences and beliefs, then it is possible for that energy to affect me. Therefore, I need to create an energy boundary between me and that energy. Already I was doing this and noticing an effect, however not regularly. Ironically, when my friend said that I need to protect my back, I was reminded of how effective it has been to imagine a white light between my kidneys and my “ancestors.” I had been suspecting these “ancestors” were messing with my kidneys, as I could intuit or “see” them in my space as doing so. Even still, I have had a difficult time being aggressive and I am still learning that although I have compassion for them and know they want or need healing/love, it is not my job, especially when they themselves do not seek it.

Raising standards for my health is always a good idea. While I would consider myself a pretty health conscious person, there have been some things, I would just let slip and not create time for. I believe spirit is guiding me to more optimal health and giving me a sign to be in more rhythm with nature and learn more about my body.

so yesterday, after my reading, I took a bath in aromatic salts and I took time to release energies, including deep breathing for 15 minutes. I did this partly by naming the energies that were affecting me and simply saying, I release your energy. I also realized that even though, I have done releasing before on particular energies, it may take time and that perhaps, there is still somewhere in my past, a memory that has not been cleared that I need to address, So, it was helpful to remember that a particular energy that sticks around me was also an energy from my childhood. As I released that as well, I got to see my inner child once again and I just held her. How beautiful and precious she is! Toward the end of deep breathing, I started hitting my chest and using sound to release the energy. It’s amazing how much anger came into my memory and then suddenly, a burst of tears released, for which I did not expect.

I am divinely protected by angels who bless me with guidance and fill me with love and light.

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about spiritual emergence-y

I asked God, “What is your message?”

So here it is:

A great spiritual emergence is happening, for which we must be aware. On the physical level, we see chaos, destruction, as well as grass roots, back to the land movements. On the psychological level, there may be more fatigue related dis-eases, stress and depression. The coming age will for some bring great spiritual heights and for others great spiritual lows. The difference is in one’s attitude, that they may find the light of the situation at hand to which it will save them. The light which is God is made up of love. The more you bathe in the light of love, the less your fears will become you.

The spiritual emergence that we see now is happening as has been happening for a great period of time. However, because it is happening at a more rapid rate and because we have been destroying each other and the planet, the awakening is meant to bring us closer to what is important. We need to learn to integrate our ideas. We can not live as separate beings as we do. We must find peace within ourselves and we must commit to peace in the world.

The crisis that is happening is a tale of the good and evil that we read about in religious texts; however, often misguided. However, choose the light and you will be a light for others. for humanity and for the earth. It is as simple as that.

“Spiritual emergency” is a great word and we will need to help these people. The light is all loving and we must shine light on those in crisis without believing there is fear upon you. learn to love yourselves so that we may love each “other”. There really are no others.

The madness that you see is also a reflection of this. Do not judge for they are you, or some part of you.

You, yourself, may experience physic openings: channeling, telepathy, clairvoyance, dreams of distant lands and nightmares of your greatest fears. Do not take these things as truth. Truth is all love. If it helps you, it will strengthen you. If it does not help you, learn the light of God is in you and accept the same for all beings, even those in crisis.

For those who do not know what is happening, may they take it with a grain of salt, as they will be greatly confused. It is only meant to guide them to light. They may not be ready for it and it may come at such an inappropriate time. Be prepared and bless them with your love and compassion.


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