about spiritual emergence-y

I asked God, “What is your message?”

So here it is:

A great spiritual emergence is happening, for which we must be aware. On the physical level, we see chaos, destruction, as well as grass roots, back to the land movements. On the psychological level, there may be more fatigue related dis-eases, stress and depression. The coming age will for some bring great spiritual heights and for others great spiritual lows. The difference is in one’s attitude, that they may find the light of the situation at hand to which it will save them. The light which is God is made up of love. The more you bathe in the light of love, the less your fears will become you.

The spiritual emergence that we see now is happening as has been happening for a great period of time. However, because it is happening at a more rapid rate and because we have been destroying each other and the planet, the awakening is meant to bring us closer to what is important. We need to learn to integrate our ideas. We can not live as separate beings as we do. We must find peace within ourselves and we must commit to peace in the world.

The crisis that is happening is a tale of the good and evil that we read about in religious texts; however, often misguided. However, choose the light and you will be a light for others. for humanity and for the earth. It is as simple as that.

“Spiritual emergency” is a great word and we will need to help these people. The light is all loving and we must shine light on those in crisis without believing there is fear upon you. learn to love yourselves so that we may love each “other”. There really are no others.

The madness that you see is also a reflection of this. Do not judge for they are you, or some part of you.

You, yourself, may experience physic openings: channeling, telepathy, clairvoyance, dreams of distant lands and nightmares of your greatest fears. Do not take these things as truth. Truth is all love. If it helps you, it will strengthen you. If it does not help you, learn the light of God is in you and accept the same for all beings, even those in crisis.

For those who do not know what is happening, may they take it with a grain of salt, as they will be greatly confused. It is only meant to guide them to light. They may not be ready for it and it may come at such an inappropriate time. Be prepared and bless them with your love and compassion.



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