Raising the standards in energy cleansing/boundaries

Apparently, I need to raise my standards in creating energy boundaries and releasing other energies from my space, says Clairvoyant Reader, Adrienne Fodor. They have been affecting my health.

I am grateful. At first, I was concerned because I haven’t been practicing healing “others” on an emotional level very much and it had been partly due to feeling fatigue. I wondered what was “wrong” with me and why I didn’t have energy and suspected it was due to a kidney deficiency. Now I realize I need to do more work on myself before I enter this field, becoming more keen in the LISTENING and RELEASING energies from my space. For example, if I am thinking about someone a lot, who is not even in my life, perhaps they are in my physic field. Not them so much as their energy. Also, if some experience is triggering an old story or belief that is not serving me, then I need to go back and release that energy as well.

It is possible for energies to be with us, even without their bodies and probably without their awareness as well. If someone is being negative- in my perception, which is pretty much always based on the filters of my past experiences and beliefs, then it is possible for that energy to affect me. Therefore, I need to create an energy boundary between me and that energy. Already I was doing this and noticing an effect, however not regularly. Ironically, when my friend said that I need to protect my back, I was reminded of how effective it has been to imagine a white light between my kidneys and my “ancestors.” I had been suspecting these “ancestors” were messing with my kidneys, as I could intuit or “see” them in my space as doing so. Even still, I have had a difficult time being aggressive and I am still learning that although I have compassion for them and know they want or need healing/love, it is not my job, especially when they themselves do not seek it.

Raising standards for my health is always a good idea. While I would consider myself a pretty health conscious person, there have been some things, I would just let slip and not create time for. I believe spirit is guiding me to more optimal health and giving me a sign to be in more rhythm with nature and learn more about my body.

so yesterday, after my reading, I took a bath in aromatic salts and I took time to release energies, including deep breathing for 15 minutes. I did this partly by naming the energies that were affecting me and simply saying, I release your energy. I also realized that even though, I have done releasing before on particular energies, it may take time and that perhaps, there is still somewhere in my past, a memory that has not been cleared that I need to address, So, it was helpful to remember that a particular energy that sticks around me was also an energy from my childhood. As I released that as well, I got to see my inner child once again and I just held her. How beautiful and precious she is! Toward the end of deep breathing, I started hitting my chest and using sound to release the energy. It’s amazing how much anger came into my memory and then suddenly, a burst of tears released, for which I did not expect.

I am divinely protected by angels who bless me with guidance and fill me with love and light.


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