When heaven and earth meet.

“When you believe that your abundance and safety originate in the external world- people, things, jobs, money- then you will not only become a “getter,” but also a fearful getter, since everything in the outer world of effects is limited and constantly changing.” Roger Teel.

As things “I” thought I owned get stolen, I can feel the remnant, fear- a thought– of a “worse” case scenario, a fear of losing more things which I “think” I will need to get. I am letting go, however it is a process and patience and trust is warranted.

Who would do such things as “steal”, but the ego, who created the belief that God is separate. It is the ego-ic machine that fears a lack of or doesn’t trust that would “steal.” At the same time, it is “my” ego that would have me believe that, in the first place, the bike was “mine”. Who would have me believe that I own anything but the ego?

This is not to justify theft or make it mean as if it does not matter. Perhaps, I created “my bike” to get stolen, as some would say; yet, this belief summons guilt that I am trying to free myself of. And to think of the person who stole from “me,” is not my business either. I ask, “free me from the conditions that would have me believe I know better than they.”

Ultimately, we choose constantly and there are always opportunities to forgive, to let go, and to see ONEness. When I was around 10, I was a kleptomaniac! Also, when it comes to my ego, it is a daily practice to be with it, nurture it and love it as a part of me, and without making it real! Still, there are times when I act from fear and I take the easy route, only to realize that it poisoned me with guilt and prevented me from loving myself.

As I opened the Course in Miracles before Sadhana, it reads:

Who can be born again in Christ but him who has forgiven everyone he sees or thinks of or imagines? Who could be set free while he imprisons anyone? A jailer is not free, for he is is bound together with his prisoner. He must be sure that he does not escape, and so he spends his time in keeping watch on him. The bars that limit him becomes the world in which his jailer lives, along with him. And it is on his freedom that the way to liberty depends for both of them.

Therefore, hold no one prisoner. Release instead of bind, for thus are you made free. The way is simple. Every time you feel a stab of anger, realize you hold a sword above your head. And it will fall or be averted as you choose to be condemned or free. Thus does each one who seems to tempt you to be angry represent your savior from the prison house of death. And so you owe him thanks instead of pain.” (Course in Miracles, 366)

Could this sword above our head, live the content of guilt and shame that we place upon ourselves and each other, that is the universal law of attraction. If I make “you” guilty, then I in turn am increasing my own guilt by making you or anything wrong. When we cling to and make wrong, we hurt ourselves and punish ourselves with the guilt, shame and fear- that the ego would have us feed upon, increasing the illusion that we are separate from each other, from God and our higher selves.

May true security be found through the realization that in every moment, God is ever-present, as a guide of the unconditional love that is our teacher.


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