Heaven and Earth meet at the heart.

Heaven and Earth meet at the heart.

My heart is open or at least I think. However, my body is simply a vessel, for which I must feed it good thoughts, food and water. Listen to how “I” feel. To share “my” body with a man in nothing without an open heart and yet, while it is open, the “I” discerns, waiting for a true merging, a merging with the divine, with a man who is full of grace, a man who shares a similar purpose.

I do not know yet what that purpose is but when he visits, it will become clearer. The self will look upon its Self, as a mirror with a purpose to serve, a balance with reason, focus, and clarity and a great love for Self. The merging may take time, but move and act without fear and with intuition…If you are not available, it is for good reason. Trust it.

Until then, work on Self, meaning focus on your own divine nature, your own intuitive knowing. Trust. Trust. Trust. Nothing is without reason.

Work on self is loving self, that is DIVINE. Love yourself. Worship your divine self. Worship your body. And continue following your intuition. Accept. Accept. Accept- yourself!

Where there are set backs, find purpose.
Where there seems to be a block, continue trusting and releasing.


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