Perception and distortion.

There will be people, who feel a sting of anger, resentment,or sadness toward you. They may blame you, project negative emotions at you and create that you are less than you are.

If we listened to everyone’s perception of who they think we are however, where would we be? Who would we be without their distorted perceptions of us? Who would we be without our own distorted perceptions and beliefs about us?

A wise teacher said, “No one will ever know you. They will only have their perception of you.” Considering that no one has ever walked the same exact path, who can know you better than you know yourself?

In order to live our most authentic self, one thing we have to do is let go of other people’s judgment of who they perceive us to be. We have to let go of their judgments, take responsibility for how being judged makes us feel. We have to continue loving and accepting ourselves, the way we are, even when others judge us and create us as less than we are. Consider it a lesson, that perhaps the person who judges is really a mirror of us judging ourself. Therefore, all judgement is an opportunity for us to learn to accept and love ourselves and whoever we are being, however we are showing up in that moment.

“Even though, people may judge me and not like me, I love and accept myself and I will continue to see them as love, dissolving this illusion that I am separate from them.”


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